Yoga is much more than the „gymnastic“ orientated Hatha Yoga – which is widely known in the West, it is a whole philosophy in itself. “To live a simple life and to think nobly” – that `s how I would choose to describe its core philosophy. Studying the essence of life demands a strong mind, willpower, power of judgment, as well as a strong body. To live up to these challenges, Yoga distinguishes five points:

right exercise – asana

right breathing – pranayama

right relaxation – savasana

right nutrition – vegetarian

positive thinking and meditation

I completed my Teacher Training Course at „Sivananda Yoga Vedanta in Rhanikhet” direct in the Indian Himalayas. My daily practice and my knowledge about Yoga continues to greatly influence my osteopathic therapy. I organize workshops on a regular basis for specific themes. If you`re interested, please do have a look at my window „now “on a regular basis.

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