about me

What a marvel I live in! My body, how does it function, what is it made of? These and other questions initially aroused my curiosity and motivated me to become a physiotherapist. During the last ten years, I`ve been working in different medical places, i.e. physiotherapy practice, hospitals and rehabilitations, in addition to my work I also deepened my skills in breathing disorders during my work at the rehab „Klinik Westfalen“ on the North Sea island of Föhr.

The transition from Physiotherapist to Heilpraktiker with a focus on osteopathic medicine was a gradual process. I commenced  studying  functioning Osteopathy “Funktional Osteopathy“ at the CURA Academy in Berlin, which got my interest in medicine to deepen, this resulted in I being accepted as member of „Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker“ after successfully taking the examination of Heilpraktiker at the Berlin Public Health Department.

For my life  balance, I play the flute and practice yoga. Since spring 2012, I am also a certified „Sivananda Yoga Vedanta“ - teacher.

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