I was once asked: „What combines the body and the soul? “ My answer was: „breathing“.

If you cannot breathe as easily  as you were used to do, if you get out of breath faster than at other times, or if you get dispnoea, and you have already consulted a medical Doctor, then it may be very worthwhile to consider osteopathic therapy.

A restriction of your ability to breathe may result from various causes: They can be allergic and non-allergic bronchial asthma, inflammations like COPD, emphysema and others. It depends on the status as to how severe the dispnoea gets. An unfavorable rhythm of breathing and with the accompanying strain on the muscles can result in both the physical and psychological stress being increased.

Should you feel that you need assistance, I can treat you with different techniques from classical physiotherapy, osteopathy and yoga.

If you wish to get breathing therapy, please make an appointment.

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