Elastic therapeutic tape, is an elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive that is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders, and is very good if you don’t really have much  time to spare, but you need help to ease the pain.

The origin of elastic therapeutic tapeing “Dolo Tapeing”  lies in Kinesio Tapeing which comes from the Japanese Doctor Kenzo Kase, I use elastic therapeutic tape  in conjunction with pulse diagnosis and colour therapy.

The therapy comprises the pasting of hypo-allergic cotton tapes in different colours to the skin, depending on the nature of the ailment. The acrylic glue drys immediately and my advice is that you  wear it for approximately ten days, after which the tapes are easy to remove.

You can use elastic therapeutic tapeing to ease pain or to reduce the swelling in swollen tissue, but it’s most effective when used with an osteopathic therapy.

If you would like to know more about Elastic therapeutic tape, please contact me at my practice.

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