As time goes by, many musicians cannot rehearse for as long as they previously did, pain due excessive use of tendons is a classic example of this. Other factors are repetitive movements, short recovery time, pressure to perform and more. The physical and psychological burdens can be enormous – as they are with all competitive sports people. Musicians like completive sports people also need looking after and should be able to benefit from a therapy specifically for their needs, as is happening in the other branches of medicine.

This individual treatment is available for you at my practice. Malfunction on different levels will be subjected to precise techniques, which will allow your body to heal itself better. The different rhythms in the body, i.e. heart-, breathing- and digestion-rhythm can get back to their accustomed harmony.

I am certified in "music-physiology" by "Hochschule für Musik Hans Eisler Berlin/UdK".

“Heilpraktiker” treatment for musicians is not part of the German conventional medicine; it belongs to the alternative medicine branch. In Germany, you need to be a physician or a heilpraktiker to perform this therapy.

If you wish to avail of Heilpraktiker treatment for musicians, please contact me at my practice

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